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Who We Are

Since 2007, Remote Staff has helped over 8,000 Filipinos establish remote working careers with more than 2,000 employers from around the world.

We provide online jobs for Filipino remote workers and don’t stop there. Our aim is to establish good working relationships between the staff and the clients.

Unlike other online job platforms, we have an all-Pinoy in-house staff ready to help you with your queries and provide support whenever needed. We take good care of our home-based workers through our comprehensive contracts, client-hunting, skills development program, benefits, and more.

Our Services

Remote Staff Membership

Talent Matching Service

We match your skills to our current job openings. We will support you through the recruitment and hiring process. We offer lifetime rehiring so you can get hired again when your current contract ends.

Digital Staffing Platform

You will not be alone throughout the process of finding home-based roles because we will help market you to overseas clients. We have a dedicated team looking for a client who best match your skills and aspirations.

Remote Staff Technology

To help ease any anxieties around remote working, our in-house monitoring technology is built to promote trust and accountability through transparency.

Payroll Guarantee

We manage your pay, paying directly into your local bank accounts in Philippine Peso. We provide a Payroll Guarantee – guaranteeing that you work a day and get paid a day no matter what.


We register you as a self-employed professional at no cost. We will pay your benefits such as SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth. We will also manage your quaterly tax withholdings.

Ongoing Relationship

We provide support to both workers and employers to address any remote working and cultural challenges, as well as to ensure healthy and productive remote working relationships.

Remote Working Skills Development Program

We provide a Remote Working Skills Development Program that allows continuous learning and mentorship from our online courses and subject matter experts.

Enforceable Contract

We manage and organize enforceable contracts with you and our foreign clients.

Your Challenges

It’s hard to gain security and financial stability working online on your own. Yes, you may feel independent working and looking for jobs on your own but most of the time, you’ll experience challenges and
difficulties like:

You spend most of your time looking for clients to hire you.

You get no benefits, you get no support – you’re on your own.

You are given no notice of termination.

Your salary is subject to losses from currency changes.

You are not part of the team, you’re viewed as a service supplier.

You’re either overworked because of high work volume or suffering through long gaps of unemployment periods.

You handle your timekeeping, invoicing and other job-related admin tasks on your own.

Not everyone wants to set up their own business just to be able to work from home.

Not everyone wants to set up their own business just to be able to work from home.

You are always at risk of delayed payments or not getting paid at all.

It’s hard to trust employers who are thousands of miles away.

Most likely, you won’t be able to connect with direct hire employers

Our Solution

Remote Staff PH has helped thousands of Filipino workers throughout the years. We wanted to support and give you awareness of what we can do to improve your job performance. That why in Remote Staff PH, we give direct solutions to your problems.

We actively help you get a remote job on our
platform and provide job matching services.

We take care of payroll in peso, deposited
directly into your bank account.

We schedule and facilitate interviews
between you and our clients.

We will handle your timekeeping, invoicing, overtime, leaves, commissions, bonuses and any other type of payments.

We guarantee every hour worked on our
platform is paid for.

We have advanced proprietary software and
training programs designed exclusively for you.


What you can gain by becoming a qualified remote worker

Security and peace
of mind

You can gain 1 month of time back every year from time lost commuting to and from the office

City salaries wherever you’re located

We negotiate on your behalf for pay increases

Our Remote Workers

We help you in finding meaningful and secure remote working options that will fit your dream lifestyle.


We are excited to help you get a remote job!