Fair Equitable Contracting Policy - Remote Staff


An Affirmation of the Dignity of the Human Person

Remote Staff is a privately held company that is ethically and responsibly engaged in the sound practice of outsourcing, recruiting, and onboarding of highly qualified and skilled professional contractors that would help enable businesses and entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth and potential.  

We believe in respecting and preserving the inalienable dignity and rights of the human person not only in our outsourcing, recruitment, and onboarding practices, but also in the entrepreneurial activities and undertakings of our business cohorts and partners to ensure ethical work practices and conditions that are compliant with international and domestic laws, consistent with global and local industry best practices, conducive to the overall health and well-being of contractors, and commensurate compensation and equal pay without discrimination. 

Against Any and All Forms of Exploitation

In that connection and spirit, we do not tolerate and practice, and we are strongly against, exploitation of contractors as follows:  

    1. Any and all forms of slavery or involuntary servitude.  
    2. Any and all forms of inhumane, unsanitary, unsafe, or unhealthy work conditions and environment.
    3. Any and all forms of coercion, intimidation, harassment, harm, and violence. 
    4. Any and all forms of manipulation and dishonesty.  
    5. Any and all forms of unreasonable working period. 
    6. Any and all forms of unjustified withholding or underpayment of fees and other entitlements. 

Sustainable and Ethical Business Practices

To ensure and maintain a sustainable framework and model, our legally compliant and ethically sound business practices include:

    1. Full, free, voluntary, and informed contractor consent.
    2. Just, decent, safe, and humane working environment and atmosphere.
    3. Free exercise of civil liberties and individual freedoms. 
    4. Transparent, truthful, and fair working conditions and policies.  
    5. Mutually acceptable working period with the commensurate compensation. 
    6. Fair, just, and market rate compensation free from unwarranted constraints and limitations.
    7. Grant of fair additional pay for work beyond what was agreed upon.
    8. Faithful compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations. 

Periodic Management Review and Legal Audit

To ensure that the human rights of contractors are respected and protected at all times, we conduct a periodic management review and legal audit not only of our outsourcing, recruitment, and onboarding practices, but also during contract performance and execution  As such, we regularly and routinely hold assessment interviews with both our contractors and business partners to determine sustainability in our contracting practices, including implementing timely interventions and adjustments when necessary and appropriate.