About Us & You

Founded in 2007, Remote Staff is a PEZA accredited BPO company specializing in building trusted, strong, and productive remote working relationships between international clients and their Filipino remote workers.

A pioneer in the remote staffing industry in the Philippines, Remote Staff is a remote-first company. Since 2007, Remote Staff matched over 8,000 Filipino remote workers with international clients, helping them grow their long term remote work relationships.

Today, we have a team of 90 in-house staff supporting over 700 remote workers around the country.

What We Do

Talent Matching Service

We match you to our current job openings. We will support you through the recruitment and hiring process. We offer lifetime rehiring so you can get hired again when your current contract ends.

Digital Staffing Platform

You will not be alone throughout the process of finding home based roles because we will help market you to potential clients around the world. We have a dedicated team looking for a client who best match your skills and aspirations.

Remote Staff Technology

To help ease any anxieties around remote working, our in-house monitoring technology is built to promote trust and accountability through transparency.

Payroll Guarantee

We manage your pay, paying directly into your local bank accounts in Philippine Peso. We provide a Payroll Guarantee – guaranteeing that you work a day and get paid a day no matter what.

Additional Benefits

We will cover and pay your contributions for SSS, Pag-IBIG, and PhilHealth.

Ongoing Relationship

We provide support to both workers and employers to address any remote working and cultural challenges, as well as to ensure healthy and productive remote working relationships.

Remote Working Skills Development Program

We provide a Remote Working Skills Development Program that allows continuous learning and mentorship from our online courses and subject matter experts.

Enforceable Contract

We manage and organize enforceable contracts with you and our foreign clients.

Why We Do It


To empower entrepreneurs and remote workers to do more and make a meaningful difference in everyone’s life.


To professionalize the remote working landscape in all English-speaking frontier markets around the world.

About the Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Chris Jankulovski lives between Sydney, Australia and Makati, Philippines. Back in 2007, he founded Remote Staff, and got his wife Rica involved in the business a few months later. Like Chris, Rica is also passionate about introducing talented Filipino workers to the world. Together, they made Remote Staff into what it is now.

Chris made a pledge to employ thousands of workers at a time. True to his word, he has employed 8,000 remote workers since Remote Staff started.

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What Our Clients Are Looking For

  • Excellent English communications skills
  • Commitment to build a long term remote working career
  • Competency in what you do
  • Proactivity
  • Willingness to learn
  • Fair market value pay expectations
  • Excellent work ethics to be independently productive