Our Origin Story

We pair businesses with the right Filipino talent online

We are a privately held company founded in 2007 by a Sydney-based Australian founder. We have an in-house team of 90 Filipino employees supporting our home-based contractors in the Philippines.

We are predominantly focused on servicing the Australian and New Zealand market. Our ongoing recruitment and support streamline the entire remote working process so both Filipino staff and Australian business can achieve more together.

We accelerate business growth by helping entrepreneurs
recruit and onboard skilled remote talent from the Philippines

We connect the strong Filipino work ethic to growing businesses in Australia and New Zealand while facilitating a strong, productive relationship between the two. We help nurture the success of businesses by offering access to a skilled and qualified workforce that contributes great value.

Our unique advantages include:

  • Matching skilled staff to very specific business needs.
  • A deep understanding of Filipino and Australian/Kiwi cultures that allows us to reconcile both and save businesses time while increasing productivity.
  • A dedicated, experienced, and 100% Filipino in-house team to support our clients and staff.
  • Offering businesses a reliable and adaptive workforce that provides good value while offering skilled staff family-friendly conditions and competitive wages.

Our company mission is to empower entrepreneurs and remote workers to do more together and make a meaningful difference in both their lives.

Meet the Remote Staff Team

Chelsea - Marketing
Chief Executive Officer
Chelsea - Marketing
General Manager
Chelsea - Marketing
Chief HR Officer
Chelsea - Marketing
Operations Manager
Chelsea - Marketing
IT Head
Accounts Manager
Jayson - Recruitment
Recruitment Operations Manager
Marck - Marketing
Digital Marketing Manager
Joy - IT
IT Software Development Lead
Jerna - HR
HRA Manager
Chelsea - Marketing
Process Improvement Manager
Chelsea - Marketing
Leader of Accounts
Chelsea - Marketing
IT Operations Lead
Chelsea - Marketing
Compliance Team lead
Pia - Lead Recruiter
Recruitment Leader

Company Values

Make everyday count

We show up and do our best every day to deliver on our promise. We’re always looking for new ways to continually improve and learn, making the most of every opportunity we have.

Get the balance right

Our clients’ success is our success, so we work hard to help them achieve their goals. We work to a high standard, delivering quality talent and work for our clients.

Strive for excellence, every time

We are here to equally serve the best
interests of our clients and our staff, and working from home gives us the ability to get a good balance of work and life. We think the balance makes us better at what we do and generally better humans.

Together is better

We may work remotely but we are part of a big team that works together to support our clients and each other. When you engage Remote Staff, you’re getting more than a team member, you’re getting the support network that’s behind them too.

Founding Story