Do you know someone who can benefit from a legit long term work-from-home job? You can now invite your family and friends to experience the advantages of remote working.

Help us increase awareness of remote work. Help people have more location flexibility, health safety, and more time for their children and/or their passion projects.

Refer qualified Filipino candidates for our job openings and receive a referral fee. Get paid P500 (non-IT positions) or P1,000 (IT positions) for every successful referral. in-win!


  1. Email to get a referral code with a subject line “Refer A Friend”.
  2. Refer qualified candidates to Remote Staff by asking them to register and use your referral code.
  3. The “referee” must be a first time contractor of Remote Staff.
  4. The “referee” must complete 1 month of work attendance.
  5. Referral fee will be credited to your Philippine bank account as soon as the “referee”completes 1 month of work attendance.

Refer your family and friends to Remote Staff today!