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After I almost died during a brain operation in September 2016, I decided to write a book, so my two young sons would know more about who their father is. A year later, I was back in the operating room to remove six cancerous tumours from my left kidney. Five days after the operation, I was still in the emergency ICU ward. Things were not looking good. Spiritually, I knew I had to bargain for my life yet again. It was in the ICU ward when I made a pledge to inspire millions because I wanted to be worthy of all the second chances I had gotten in life.

Selfie taken in ICU ward on the 16th of October 2017

Turning My Challenges into Life-learning Opportunities for You

Apart from sharing my thought-provoking and entertaining story in my upcoming book, I wanted to turn my challenges into life-learning opportunities for others. I hired a resilience consultant to review my book. I asked her to put a spotlight on how I responded to every one of my life adversities, compared to a more common response to such challenges.

We noticed reoccurring thinking patterns that were demonstrated throughout different periods of my life – sometimes decades apart. We slowly uncovered my resilient mindset, and during this process, we were able to identify 5 insights that you can utilise in your own life.

  1. Flourish through adversity
  2. Live like it’s your last year
  3. Control what you think to control what you do
  4. Achieve deep satisfaction and fulfillment
  5. Live up to your full potential and create a lasting contribution

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Chris Jankulovski